"Chip Potts" is an 8th Grader at Disney High. He studies Home Economics, Music, History, English Literature and Biology (to learn "what's there").


Being born during his mothers' servantry at the Prince Manor, Chip didn't have an easy childhood, getting beaten by Adam Prince and his family on the occasion at which he failed to deliver his given orders.

However, when the conductor, Maestro Forte up and left the Manor, Chip's friend, Lumiere Kandel suggested that they too should leave, Chip jumped at the chance, and he, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Ogden Pacificus Cogsworth left as soon as possible, taking with them only the bare necessites.

After his mother and friends were given jobs at Disney High, Chip was soon enrolled there for his education.

Despite never going to school before, Chip seemed to catch up on his learning pretty fast, getting good grades in all of classes, and getting a good reputation with his teachers.

Chip does, sometimes get bullied for being the son of his Home Ec. teacher, but he's able to overcome it, since he has suffered worse at the hands of the Prince family.