John Clayton is the Deputy Head of Zoology at Disney High.


After first starting the Zoology course in High School, when he was a teenager, Clayton fell in love with the subject, studying it vocationally, bringing textbooks on dates, documenting animals and wildlife, putting this chapter of his education above all others and many more recreational activities. After passing all of his Zoology examinations, it looked as though nothing could put a damper on this new-found talent.

Clayton felt on top of the world as he tracked down rare species of animals and finding unknown species in dangerous parts of jungles, forests and ravines. However, after a run-in with a rogue gorilla on the top of a mountain, Clayton very nearly lost his life and pursued his career in Zoology in other ways, such as with educating the young and ambitious.

Principal D. immediately hired him and gave him the Headship of the subject, after seeing his past experiences. All of his students treated him with respect and admiration, never before had they seen someone with such knowledge, yet such passion.

Things however, changed for the worse for Clayton, when Professor Archimedes Porter joined the school and replaced him as Head of Zoology. The students no longer saw him as a strong and powerful individual, but rather only second rate and looked down on him.

Clayton immediately sought revenge on Porter for taking away his last glimmer of hope for his future.