Lilo Pelekai is a coming 8th grader to Disney High, and a skilled photographer.


Lilo Pelekai is not popular, but loves taking pictures, Marine Biology & Dance, and is a fan of sci-fi/horror. She is intelligent and rather eccentric, which alienates her from most girls her age. Lilo is desperate to fit in, but doesn't want to give up what she loves. Her older sister Nani dropped out of high school when their parents died to take care of themselves.

She used to live in Hawaii, hence her knowledge in marine science, before moving to Disney High when Nani found a job in the U.S. Since she comes from a small family, Lilo has a close touch to the concept of ohana, which she stresses upon since arriving in her new home didn't feel kindred until she realized its imprtance. She's professor's Jumba Jookiba's "niece". Lilo is often seen with Stitch, her mixed breed dog, who Lilo claims came from outer space. Most students don't believe this, but given Stitch's "abnormal" behavior, they have begun to think otherwise...