"Ogden Pacificus Cogsworth" is the Head of Mathematics at Disney High.


After Maestro Forte left Prince Manor, Adam Prince and his family became even more cruel and demeaning to the servants that remained. Forcing them to do stupid and inane tasks, for little to no pay.

After his close friend, Lumiere Kandel, suggested leaving, Ogden was initially against the idea, but after seeing the Princes beating Mrs. Potts' son, Chip, he too felt that enough was enough. He packed up his things, and the four (Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip and himself) left late at night one evening, and never went back.

After a few days of meaningless trekking, Ogden was about to give up, but upon seeing an advertisement for teaching jobs in a newspaper, he and his friends applied and were at once given the jobs.

While Lumiere and Mrs. Potts were respected by almost all of their students (with the exception of Adam Prince, who still felt betrayed by their leaving), Ogden was belittled, pranked and made fun of by his students, determined to prove his worth, he has worked night and day to guarantee their academic success in Mathematics.