Pinocchio Woods is an 8th Grader at Disney High. He studies Wood-Work, English, Theater, Marine Biology, and is one of the star players for the Disney High Cricket Team.


As an only child, Pinocchio received a lot of attention from his father, Gepetto Woods. And so, upon his first day of school, was unable to adjust, and truanted a lot. Getting involved in crime and trouble. However, through it all, Pinocchio was determined to make up for his foolishness, after his father was kidnapped by a pair of monsters with big green eyes, who tied him up in a sack and the pets in a little sack.

After excelling at school, Pinocchio joined Disney High, where he was destined at "A"s and "B"s for his grades. Making lots of friends relatively soon, he has become rather popular at Disney High. He also loves puppets.