Snow white
Snow White Fürstin is a Freshman at Disney High. She studies Cookery, Music, Child Care, Drama and Animal Biology. She is the step-daughter of Evelyn Quinn.


From the outside, Snow seems to be your typical cheery, sweet, and innocent girl who has no mean bone whatsoever. But at home, the situation changes the worst when Snow is with her stepmother Evelyn. Ever since her father died, Snow has felt depressive and inherently lonely and what is worse is Evelyn's unhealthy spite towards her stepdaughter's youth that Snow has to deal with neglect from her. Being constantly told she is worthless and unlikable, Snow wishes for her stepmother to reciprocate the kindness Snow gives to her. When Evelyn is not around, Snow is looked after by her seven uncles, whom she loves very much. But what she really desires is to find her true love.

At school, Snow tries to make every day as optimistic as possible, even if her stepmother despises her. She is good friends with Cindy Ella and Aurora Briar.