Tinka Bellow is a Freshman at Disney High.


Tinka, or Tink, is one of the more commendable but sassy freshman at school. Before coming to Disney High, Tinka attended P. Hollow Academy, a private school with "gifted" children who were each assigned into a group based on their talent with the school's intent in researching the talent to help give the students a chance to show they are truly special. Back then, Tinka had a large group of friends, however she was rather shy and non-vocal when it came to other kids. Headmistress Clarion decided to have Tinka enroll at Disney High to expand her social atmosphere and since Principal D. was an old friend of hers, Tinka successfully applied.

In Disney High nowadays, Tinka is still very creative and clever, but she does not get along well with other girls due to curiosity and her famous temper. However, these negative traits along with her jealousy only appear when another girl is around her close friend Peter since he was the first person to welcome her when she started DisneyHigh. Other times, she can actually be a friendly person.